Waiting Children


Age 16 / Grade 10
Hobbies and Interests: Enjoys shopping and loves clothing

A perfect day for Tasia, who likes to be called “Taylor,” would include a shopping spree! Her good sense of humor and funny personality come out often, and this teen connects easily with others. Taylor enjoys spending time with people and sharing meaningful conversations. If you ask her about her favorite piece of clothing, she would tell you it’s her hoodie. In her free time, Taylor has fun watching TV and listening to rap music. She also enjoys drawing and hopes to turn her drawings into permanent art by becoming a tattoo artist.

As a tenth grader, Taylor is proud of the As and Bs she earns and is respectful to her teachers.

She would do best in a two-parent family with a mom and a dad, two moms, or two dads. She interacts well with other children. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.


For families outside of Utah, only those families who have a completed homestudy are encouraged to inquire.

Heritage: Caucasian/White
ID #200708

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