School Presentations

To support United for Adoption’s mission to support adoption education, we are happy to accommodate educational presentations in schools on adoption.

Why School Presentations?

The State of Utah requires each local school board to ensure that each student receives an adoption presentation once during grades 7-9, and once during grades 10-12.

United for Adoption helps to meet this requirement by providing experienced volunteers to present about adoption, along with the video, “Considering Adoption” as resources for educators.

Where Can Educators Go To Get Help? 

United for Adoption’s “Considering Adoption” presentation is a valuable resource to educators that is intended to express the support available to birth parents. The presentation explains the purpose of an adoption plan, the beauty of building a family through adoption, and factual information regarding adoption, as well as an opportunity for students to consider adoption as a positive option for an unplanned pregnancy.

How We Can Help

United for Adoption presents students with the information they need in order to:

  • Analyze the problem of unplanned pregnancy
  • Discuss and evaluate the adoption option as a positive alternative
  • Demonstrate empathy and support for others facing unplanned pregnancy
  • Identify decision making skills that promote individual, family, and community health
  • Understand the adoption process and how it benefits individuals, families, and society.

Program goals:

  1. Educate students about adoption as an option in an unplanned pregnancy
  2. Empower students with knowledge about unplanned pregnancy and the adoption option, as well as providing parameters for making decisions.
  3. Provide information that will help students evaluate opportunities in the professional field of adoption services and expand their understanding of the adoption option as they build their own family.

What Students Say:

“I liked the interaction the presenter had with the class and how everything was realistic.”

-Jessica, 9th grade

“The personal stories really touched my heart. I am actually in this situation, and it is very helpful. It clarified a lot of my questions and I have a better understanding of what adoption is.”

-Lindsey, 12th grade

What Teachers Say:

“Our students learned that adoption is not a negative thing and that it is definitely an option.”

-Mr. Diaz, High School Teacher

“I have had the adoption presentation in my health class for five years now. I know it has benefitted my students to help with misconceptions and has taught them about the option of adoption. Without fail, my students will let me know that they enjoyed the presentation and they are glad they learned what they did about adoption. Thank you for helping.”

-Mrs. Barnes, High School Teacher


To request a presentation from a United for Adoption representative(s) and/or to receive a video presentation entitled “Considering Adoption”, please send an email to

A representative from United for Adoption will follow up with you on your application shortly.  Thank you for your interest in educating students about the adoption option.