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Meet video game enthusiast Kaveon!


  • State: Utah
  • Birth Year: 2009
  • Grade in School: 9th Grade
  • Special Interests: Marine biology, video games, choir
  • Ethnicity: African American/Black
  • Child ID: 353081

Meet video game enthusiast Kaveon! Super Smash Bros and esports video games are not just this teen’s hobbies; they are where he showcases his gaming talents, making every move a strategic masterpiece. Pokémon isn’t just a game for Kaveon; it’s a world of creatures and battles that capture his imagination. Alongside Ash and Pikachu, he is on a quest to “Catch ‘em all!” His most adored character, Steve from Minecraft, is a digital companion in the world of block building and adventure. When he pauses for a bite, he reaches for his favorites, pizza and chicken alfredo. Like his video game avatars embody sleekness and strength, so do sharks, Kaveon’s favorite animal. If he could choose any superpower, this teen would choose the power of flight. His teachers have described Kaveon as a pleasure to work with, well-mannered, and a very polite child. Kaveon aspires to work in the STEM field, either as a math teacher or marine biologist.

As a ninth grader, he favors math and choir classes.

Kaveon would do best in a family with two dads or a mom and a dad. He would do best in a family in which he is the youngest or only child, with pets in the home.

Learn more about this well-rounded, extraordinary young man here.

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