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Is Adoption Still an Option for Me? An Expectant Mom with a History of Narcotic Usage

In addition to the usage of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy, many expectant moms question whether or not adoption is an option due to narcotic and drug usage. Using various narcotics, prior to or during pregnancy does not exclude you from the adoption process. Due to the various difficulties that narcotic usage can lead to for both the pregnancy itself and the baby, it is important to disclose your narcotic use to both the agency and the potential adoptive family.

Using narcotics during pregnancy can increase the risk of the baby having Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome which causes the baby to undergo withdrawal from the drug that was being used once born. There is also the potential of the baby having Neural tube defects which effect the brain, spine and spinal cord. Due to the risks associated with narcotic usage, adoptive parents need time to prepare for the challenges that may come.

In working with Forever Bound Adoption an adoption agency in Utah, and an adoption agency in Idaho, we will be able to assist you in finding resources and creating a plan to give you and the baby a safe and healthy pregnancy and start in life. Fortunately, there is no shortage of couples looking to adopt, so it would not be difficult to find a couple to raise and care for the baby should you choose to give up your baby for adoption.

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