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Adopting a Child with Prenatal Exposure

When families are looking to adopt a child in Utah or adopt a child in Idaho, it is important to consider whether or not they are willing and capable of caring for a child with prenatal exposure.  Prenatal Exposure means that the child has been exposed during pregnancy to alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, or other drugs.  In making this decision, adoptive parents need to understand what it could mean to adopt a child that has been exposed to various substances as it can impact the quality of life of the child.  In order to do the appropriate research, adoptive parents need to get to know the birth mother and understand her usage and lifestyle choices the best that they can.  This will help them in being able to speak to medical professionals about the situation.  Be prepared to love and nurture the infant when you bring them into your home as their environment can assist in developmental progress.

Parents should talk with their adoption agency in Utah, or their adoption agency in Idaho, about any questions or concerns regarding adopting a child with exposure.  At Forever Bound Adoption, we work with you to make sure that you understand the decision that you are making and any potential difficulties that both you and the child may experience.

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