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Alexandra, who likes to go by “Ali,” is an avid reader!

Alexandra, who likes to go by “Ali,” is an avid reader! When she needs a break from books, she can probably be found watching YouTube videos. Soccer, swimming, and dancing are all activities she enjoys participating in. When Ali is in the mood for a special treat, she will head straight to McDonald’s. She thrives with undivided attention and feels joy when near people. Ali is known for her great sense of humor and attitude toward trying new things.

This ninth grader enjoys school, in particular her cooking class.

Ali needs one caring adult to be her champion who encourages, supports, and loves her unconditionally; if your family can provide this and more, you are urged to inquire. She hopes to have pets as a part of her family and has significant connections to maintain following placement. Ali hopes to have a family fluent in Spanish. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

Learn more about Ali here.

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