Waiting Children

Meet Zach: An Amazing Young Man Who Will Steal Your Heart!

Meet Zach, an amazing young man who will steal your heart! This funny and well-spoken boy loves fishing, farming and camping. Some of his other favorite activities include watching super-hero movies; reading Harry Potter books; cooking; playing video and board games and putting together Lego sets. This sweet and caring guy looks forward to one day joining the Boy Scouts, taking boxing lessons, catching the world’s largest trout and visiting Paris. Zach enjoys going to church and really values helping other people when they are hurting. Zach aspires to one day become a chef, a police officer or a Marine. He wants a family who will help him with his homework, spend lots of time with him and one who will never give up on him, even if things are hard. His permanency team is open to hearing from families who reside in Idaho, as well as those who live out of state. Zach would love to live in the state of Colorado and would thrive as the only child in the home. With the support of his new family, Zach will one day accomplish great things!




For more information about Zach and other waiting children, please visit www.idahowednesdayschild.org

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