Why It Is Important for Adoptive Couples to Follow Legislation Regarding Adoption

Are you aware of why it is so important to stay informed on legislation that impacts adoption? Do you know what legislation, both state and federal, could be impacting you as an adoptive couple and your children? Laws not only influence the process of adoption, but all those who are touched by adoption as well.
Did you know that current laws decide all of the following?
– Who can be adopted
– Access to Birth Certificates
– Access to confidential information
– Consent needed for adoption
– Legal requirements on who can perform adoption work
– Who is eligible to adopt
– Residency requirements for adoption
– Court process
– Rights of biological parents
All of these laws and many more to come, play a direct role in a couple’s ability to adopt a child and parent them into adulthood.
As an adoptive parent, it is important for you to know what legislation is impacting both you and your child regarding the adoption process both now and in the future. Being involved in what matters to you is the best way to secure a safe adoption experience for you and your children.


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