Tad & Destiny

ETHNICITY: Native American
EDUCATION: Advanced Degree
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: Some College

Apa Kabar? That’s Malay for “how are you?” Hello! We are Tad and Destiny. We are so excited to share our story and adventures with you!

Tad learned Malay while serving an LDS mission in Malaysia, after returning home our love story began. Destiny was working in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the BSA and invited Tad and his sister among other friends to visit. Three months later we started dating. Another lucky three months brought about our first kiss. You guessed it, three months later we were engaged! And yes, it was once again three months later when we married in March of 2010. Our adoption journey began in 2013 after many months of prayer we knew adoption was right for our family. We excitedly began the adoption process immediately.

A handful of months later we were blessed with our first miracle. Destiny was pregnant after four years of infertility! Our daughter, Adelaide, was born in 2014 and brought us extra laughter and giggles, she will soon be five years old. Still praying for adoption’s blessing in 2016, we were placed with our youngest daughter, Braelyn, who came to us packed with energy and an adventurous spirit.

We now feel it’s time for our next miracle baby to come to this little loving family through adoption. Having been touched by adoption already we know how wonderful it can be. What greater joy is there to know you are where you are meant to be, with those you are meant to be with?


Under a starlit sky, he held me close and sang “once upon a dream” from Sleeping Beauty. This is the kind of loving romantic that I’m lucky enough to be married to! Tad always puts others first. From our first date forward he has opened doors, kissed me goodnight and been the first to listen and make me laugh.

Tad is a Master Plumber in new construction, but he doesn’t stop there with his handy work. He plays the violin, welds, and can build anything. He is the hardest worker I know and a positive role model to everyone around him. One thing I love about Tad is his contagious smile. I frequently find myself asking what he and our daughters are doing that makes them laugh so hard! Laughter often fills our home with joy. Tad is also a patient teacher and can make a game out of anything with our sweet girls.

When it comes to daddy time he is a dream dad. He puts the girls on his toes and does the waltz around the kitchen, sings and dances, and builds mud pies and has snowball fights. What I admire most about Tad is his love for God and his family. Watching his tenderness with our two children touches my heart. He is my dream and my blessing as a best friend/husband and Father. I suppose you could call him an “everyday hero.”


I noticed Destiny back before we were even friends or had started dating. We were with a group of people where she demonstrated her ability to stand up for her beliefs in a way that was loving, straight forward, and firm yet gentle. Those qualities remain with her today.

Destiny is very outgoing and draws people to her. She is friendly, genuine, and caring as well as an outdoor enthusiast. She is also a phenomenal mother. As a stay at home mother she became a Nurse, Chef, School Teacher, Personal Assistant, Care Giver, Maid, Chauffeur, and Laundry Attendant, to name a few… Destiny loves to share her passion for life with our children. I come home to see Destiny on the floor with the girl making a homemade blanket together or singing new songs they learned that day. The kids learn so much from her even in the “everyday tasks” like housework or working out in the yard. Destiny is willing and excited to play with our children while teaching them and is big on giving them opportunities to grow and have new experiences.

Destiny is also truly my best friend. We love to adventure together, read books to each other, and come up with fun family traditions we all love. We like to project together and thank goodness we balance each other out! Destiny is the love of my life and I am glad to have her for eternity as my wife and the mother of our children.


The bacon is sizzling, the hash browns are browning, and the eggs are nearly finished. Sunday morning is our favorite time to be together as a family before going to church. Another tradition is for Tad to make a Sunday treat since he makes delicious desserts. While our manners may not be the most proper, we do have an equal love for good food and time together. Family meals are a staple of conversation, dad jokes, and hearing how everyone’s day went.

Take a look out back to find chirping birds in the trees, the exercise and star gazing pad (trampoline), and a swimming pool! Most of our time is spent outside; Tad grew up boating while I was swimming and fishing so water activities are a joy we share as a family. A walk to one of the parks near our home with fun twisty slides and swings also happens to be a frequent favorite.

We love our home! With five-bedrooms, we have plenty of space to grow. The playroom is dedicated to creativity and fun and the living room is for horsey rides or movies and cuddles. We also have friendly neighbors and a quick walk around the block gives us three different fun parks to enjoy. We also love being close to the mountains for hikes, local swimming pools, and splash pads and a zoo!


About Adelaide

Adelaide is a very lively 4-year-old. She loves to sing. Sometimes she will sing an answer to a question we ask. Adelaide is very aware of others needs and is the first to want to help make someone laugh. Some of her favorite things to do are: dancing, jumping on the tramp, dress up, drawing, camping, four-wheeling, swimming, learning new games, and playing in the toy room kitchen we built. She is very ecstatic to know we are hoping to adopt again! When she says her prayers she prays for brothers and sisters because she loves having a sibling and hopes to have more to play with.

About Braelyn

Braelyn is two years old and loves to run, climb, dance, and read. She really looks up to her big sister. They are best friends and do everything together. Braelyn loves her play kitchen and being in the real kitchen making food for everyone, especially if it is green or fruit smoothies. Ever since she could move, Braelyn has been an avid dancer and usually has us laughing in a store or restaurant because she is feeling they rhythm and has no fear to show it. She is also our independent girl with a love to try things out for herself and when she puts her mind to it, she gets things done. Braelyn’s energy and curiosity, along with her adamant love for babies will make her an amazing big sister!


The smell of fresh pine, warm hot chocolate in your cup, and singing Christmas carols while hearing the fresh snow crunching underfoot. We look forward to this family-centered tradition of cutting a fresh Christmas tree in the beauty of the mountains each year.

A treasure trove for a sweet tooth, and an opportunity to be absolutely creative and free. We spend hours and hours coming up with a fun family costume theme for the best holiday, Halloween. Using creative materials, hard work and love, each individual family member enjoy their one of a kind costume like, Tad’s Darth Maul.

Mud on our faces, wind in our hair, and bugs in our teeth from our goonish happy smiles you can find us riding our 4-wheelers among the trees in Jackson Hole Wyoming each 4th of July. We love to return here to our second home where our love story began. Cultivating special time builds our fond memories spending quality time as a family.

Blistering heat, rattlesnakes, intimate small towns bring us back to our family roots. As the extended family gathers together in Ely, Nevada to follow in our ancestor’s footsteps and hike over Axhandle pass for all of those who are five years and older. These are a few of our strong and meaningful traditions we celebrate together each year and are excited to share with our future children.


If you have made it this far, thank you. We would like to express our gratitude for you taking the time to get to know us! We have been very prayerful and thoughtful and feel that adoption is right for us. We’re all very excited and prepared to welcome in the next member of our family!

Having had the opportunity to adopt once before blesses us still. As parents who’ve been blessed to have 1 biological and 1 adopted daughter we can genuinely say both children are from God; we love them equally and feel honored to be their parents. As our family grows with each child our love continues to be a constant through life. We can promise that your baby will have that love as part of our forever family. Our children are our top focus, we do all we can to bless them with comforts and opportunities to grow.

We’d love to discuss the openness of our adoption. Ultimately, we want what’s best for the child. Open adoption has worked well for us so far. Adoption is beautiful and we feel it is vitally important for each of our children to know where they came from.

Our prayers are with you. Love yourself, you are stronger than you feel, just look at what you are accomplishing; as you weigh your options to decide what is best for your baby. Whatever that may be. May courage and hope be yours.

Tad, Destiny, Adelaide, & Braelyn


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