Scott & Shannon

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: College Degree
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: College Degree

Hi! We are Scott and Shannon. Thank you for looking at our profile. Your decision to consider adoption is a selfless one, and we admire your courage.

We worked for the same company in Utah, and became one of those office romances that worked out! After we were engaged, Scott took a job in California, and Shannon moved there after we were married. We still laugh about our first dinner as a married couple — pizza in our rented U-Haul truck. After five and a half years, we decided to move back to Utah to be closer to family. We love calling Utah home!

After struggling with infertility for almost six years, we knew adoption was the right path for us. In 2006, we were blessed with the amazing opportunity to adopt a baby boy, Reed. We can’t describe how wonderful the adoption experience has been for us! In 2012, through medical advances, we were able to have another baby boy, Dylan, through donor egg in-vitro fertilization. Our family was blessed again by the gift of another woman, and we love her unmeasurably!

After almost sixteen years of trying to grow our family, we know there is another child meant to join our family! We are excited and ready to love unconditionally.


Scott works in technology and enjoys his job. There’s nothing Scott can’t do — fix cars, boats, and house projects. He is always teaching the boys how to fix things. Scott loves to show the boys basic electronics and computer programming, with the electronic kits that we have.

Scott was baptized into the LDS church in his 20’s and loves the gospel. He has a strong testimony of Heavenly Father’s plan for us. Scott is a dedicated father. He is often on the floor playing with Reed and Dylan building legos or wrestling. He would do anything to teach them and help them grow.

Scott’s the oldest of three boys. He enjoys spending time with his brothers and their shared passion for cars and sports. Scott grew up in Ohio and moved to Utah to ski. He loves the outdoors and what God has created. Scott is passionate about four-wheeling and working on his Land Cruiser. Scott enjoys boating and hearing the shrieks of delight as he pulls the kids on the tube or watches Reed on the wakeboard.

Scott is my best friend! He makes me laugh, touches my heart, encourages my endeavors and supports me. I know Scott loves me, as he tells me often! Our marriage bond is very strong, and we have an enduring love that continues to grow stronger.


Shannon is a caring and loving person and exemplifies the qualities of motherhood. I love to watch her read bedtime stories and see the joy in her eyes. She strives to create our home as a place of peace and refuge for our family. She loves to decorate and is continually changing things up.

Before being a stay at home mom, Shannon worked in marketing and event planning. She loves party planning and has brought it to our home. We love to entertain and have friends over frequently. She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes; the boys love to cook with her.

Shannon was raised in Utah but was able to live in Turkey, England, and travel all over Europe for six years with her family. She is the youngest of four, one sister and two brothers. Her family is very close, and they enjoy spending time together.

Shannon is always looking for new adventures to do with Reed and Dylan — going to water parks, zoo trips, skating boarding parks, and history museums. Shannon is always encouraging and working on school work with the boys, guiding and mentoring them to do their best. She is their biggest cheerleader!

Shannon is the spiritual backbone in our family. She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is a woman of great faith, love, and tenderness.


Reed is an adventurous twelve-year-old boy who loves to find new things to do! He likes electronics, science, and is building a talent for computers. Reed loves to go off-roading and camping with his dad. He enjoys wakeboarding, tubing, and surfing on our boat.

We are grateful for Reed’s birth mother who had the confidence in us to care for her child. Reed has always known he is adopted. It is something we encourage him to be proud of. He knows how much his birth mom loves him and how much she sacrificed for him.

Reed is an avid snow skier. He is a true adrenaline junky! Reed plays guitar and loves music, especially classic rock-n-roll. He enjoys playing baseball, soccer, flag football, and karate. We encourage Reed to be curious, active and seek out his Heavenly Father in prayer. He loves the gospel and enjoys going to church.

When Reed was ten-years-old, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He has done fantastic with multiple daily finger pricks and shots of insulin every time he eats. We have grown closer as a family since his diagnosis. We’re teaching Reed that his diabetes, although always there, will never stop him from doing anything he wants. Reed lives this every day, and as his parents, we are genuinely humbled by his strength!


Dylan is a six-year-old boy who loves life. He was born two months early and spent six weeks in the NICU; he is a real fighter! Dylan is always on-the-go. We love seeing him explore the world and learn new things. He wants to be just like dad and his big brother, Reed. Dylan loves to off-road, camp and be outside. He enjoys riding his scooter and jumping on the trampoline. He is always looking for new adventures.

We don’t know which he likes better — eating lunch at school, as a first grader, or riding the bus to school. Dylan is a smart boy who works hard at school and loves doing math problems. He will often ask, “What’s 246 847?” and expect us to answer as quickly as possible. Dylan enjoys playing soccer. Dylan enjoys singing songs about Jesus, going to church every Sunday and learning about his Heavenly Father.


We have a love for the outdoors! We can often be found in the Wasatch mountains or the deserts of Southern Utah on ATV’s or in our 4×4 vehicles. We love to explore and go camping. We enjoy boating and visiting Bear Lake, where we have a family cabin. We cherish the memories we make while spending time together.

We are all active snow skiers, Reed has been skiing since he was three-years-old, and is now out skiing his dad. Dylan is just learning how to ski, and he loves it. Family time often finds us sledding, riding bikes or scooters, playing in the yard, swimming, and hanging out with cousins.

We love to travel and have had many opportunities to go all over the US. We love giving the boys different experiences and teaching them about the world around them all while having fun!


We love holidays and find a reason to celebrate whenever we can. We’ve made many holiday traditions over the years. Our boys especially love our family Valentines dinner complete with table decorations and sparkling cider. We always make three dozen, too many, Easter eggs but the Easter Bunny is still willing to hide them! The kids are always anticipating the next holiday and what we will be doing.

We also have simple family traditions that make life fun! Sunday, after church, Reed and Dylan can’t wait to share cheesy chips and salsa. We love going to our favorite restaurants after soccer games, win or lose. The boys can’t go to sleep at night without giving three kisses goodnight and saying, “I love you! Sweet dreams”. We always go miniature golfing the weekend before school starts. Reed and Dylan remember these fun moments and ask to do our family traditions.

Our annual “Family Round-Up” is spent with cousins enjoying a giant slip in slide, eating smores, boating, playing games, and staying up late talking! We love our extended family and always look forward to our traditions with them. We are teaching Reed and Dylan the love of family, and our hearts are warmed every time we see them wanting to be with family.


We strive to make our home one of peace and security. We want our kids to know that when they walk in the door, they are safe from the outside world, and they will be loved no matter what. We encourage laughter, love, and harmony within our home.

We have lived in our current home since 2014, and we love it! We’ve been blessed to have a great home that is large enough to host family and friends. We want others to feel welcomed, accepted, and loved in our house. We remodeled our kitchen in 2017 to be an open concept and the heart of our home. Our next step is to complete the basement family room, to make it a place where we can watch movies and be together as a family.

Our cul de sac and flat driveway allow the kids to play outside and ride bikes, skateboard, play basketball, and scooter easily. We live in a great neighborhood in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. Our community is very close-knit, with neighborhood picnics, progressive dinners, and parties around holidays. Our backyard borders mountainous open space that is filled with deer, bunnies, and wild turkeys from time to time.


We are grateful for your decision to consider adoption. We thank you for taking the time to get to know our family a little bit better. We appreciate your willingness to consider all of your options. We know that our family is not complete and cannot wait to share our love with a sweet baby.

Your baby will be welcomed in our home and family with love, acceptance, and joy. We will always strive to give your baby everything they need and want. We love sharing letters and pictures with Reed’s birth mother. If you are comfortable with it, we would love a relationship with you as well, but no matter how open our relationship may be, your baby will always know how much you love and care for them! May your prayers be answered and may you find peace and strength in your decision.


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