Scott & Brittany

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

EDUCATION: College Degree

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

EDUCATION: College Degree


Hey there! We are Brittany, Scott, and Oliver. Welcome to our profile. Our story began in 2013. We were both students at Utah State University (USU). We met at a Halloween party. Brittany was dressed as a twenties flapper girl and Scott was dressed as a spy. We hit it off immediately. We became best friends which led to us falling in love and getting married the following November. We are grateful we get to share our lives together!

In August 2017, we welcomed our son, Oliver. We love being parents! Our lives have been full of joy, love, and laughter since Oliver arrived. We are eagerly looking forward to becoming parents again, this time through adoption.

We are best friends and enjoy spending quality time together; whether it is traveling to new places like Ecuador or snuggling on the couch watching The Office. We love being married and love our lives together. We hope by reading our profile, you will get a glimpse into our little corner of the world.



Scott gives 110% to everything he does—his family, his work, and his beliefs. He’s the best dad ever! Scott sings a lullaby to Oliver every night before bed. Oliver and Scott have recently become quite the rough housers; chasing each other, tackling, and climbing. Oliver is always laughing when dad is around. As soon as Scott gets home, I hear little pitter-pattering of feet and the happiest little voice saying “Da-da-da” over and over again. My heart is full watching the two of them bond.

At USU, Scott studied Psychology and Spanish. His original plan was to be a counselor, but found a love for business management and sales. Scott now works as a VP at a pest control company. Through Scott’s work, we have lived in Arizona, Connecticut, and Kentucky.

Scott spent two years on an LDS mission in Italy, where he fell in love with the culture, language, and food. He speaks fluent Italian and Spanish. Scott loves board games, and reading, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia are the favorites. He is fascinated by religion and philosophy, particularly Mormon Studies. Scott is always finding ways to be an amazing husband, like surprising me with flowers or taking me on fun dates. I don’t know how we got so lucky to have Scott in our lives, but we are so grateful!


Brittany has a soft and passionate heart! She cares about people, animals, and plants. Social issues are always on her mind, and she enjoys learning about different cultures. Her zeal for the beauty of nature and preserving wildlife results in BBC Earth documentaries and causes like 96 Elephants coming up often in our home.

Being married to Brittany makes life such a joy—she embraces the moment and makes life fun with a silly dances or a clever jokes. Brittany is the type of person who constantly thinks outward and always looks for opportunities for self-improvement and growth. She will never settle for anything less than becoming an excellent person.

As a mother, Brittany is nothing short of phenomenal. I am impressed by how much time and effort she puts into being a mom. As a stay-at-home mom, Brittany is 100% present with Oliver. She studied early childhood and elementary education and thoroughly applies what she learned about the impact of deliberate and mindful parenting. Brittany strives to ensure that Oliver’s world is designed to facilitate not only a happy childhood but one that fosters the healthy development of his mind and body.

Brittany enjoys Zumba and Yoga, creating crafts, and writing engaging stories. She loves being a student and hopes to go back to school one day. I love being married to this girl!


Oliver is the light of our world! He is curious, happy, and energetic. He is friendly and eager to say “hi” to people and make new friends.

Oliver’s favorite thing to do is listen to music and dance. If a song is on, you’ll find Oliver spinning around and bopping his head to the beat. He also enjoys playing music on his maracas and a tambourine. Often we hear him “jamming.”

Oliver likes animals; he has a few special animal toys that he treasures. Oliver thinks all animals bark – bears, birds, and all the other animals are often heard barking while he’s playing! Oliver is a bookworm. Our favorite activity is to snuggle up in our old recliner and read stories. Of course, he typically picks a National Geographic animal story.

We believe Oliver will be the best big brother! He has recently become obsessed with babies and baby dolls. We know Oliver, and his sibling will be the best of friends. Every day we are thankful to raise our son. We strive to be kind, patient, and supportive parents.


We moved into our quaint home and neighborhood in 2018. We live in a small town outside of Logan, Utah. We love our home, neighbors, and community. Beautiful mountains surround our valley. We love going into the canyon to hike, stargaze, and enjoy a picnic. We got engaged in the canyon near our home!

Every night we have dinner as a family. Brittany enjoys cooking, and she likes trying new recipes; she makes excellent use of her instant pot. We love “Taco Tuesday,” and we find any excuse to eat avocados. After dinner we like playing and reading with Oliver, going on walks around the neighborhood, watching movies, or playing games.

We walk to our local church together every Sunday. Our city and church community do events such as City Days and neighborhood holiday activities that we enjoy attending. We have made many friends who also have young families in our neighborhood, so Oliver has friends his age closeby.

We enjoy taking Oliver to the two parks that are within walking distance from our home during the warmer months. Oliver loves to swing on the swings, and we love being outside to enjoy the fresh air. Our home is a special place, and we feel blessed to live here.


As a family, we love traveling to new places and exploring the cultures of the world. We love Latin American culture and have traveled to Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, and Belize. We have been fortunate to adventure in New York and Hawaii as well. Stretching our minds is an important value— Scott through challenging questions and social issues, Brittany through studying geography and sociology. We look forward to traveling as a family and instilling respect for different people, beliefs, ideas, and cultures.

We love movies! We like the classic Disney movies; Brittany’s favorite is Robin Hood, and Scott’s is The Lion King. Disney Pixar’s Coco is a favorite as well. Brittany is obsessed with Disney princesses. Her favorite is Moana and the live-action Cinderella. Scott loves a good drama or a superhero movie; his favorite is Spider-Man. We love playing games! Scott is obsessed with strategic board games like Settlers of Catan while Brittany prefers silly, fun party games, like charades and bunco.

We love going to the zoo and the aquarium. We like to see plays, and we recently saw Wicked and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. We love to camp and hike. This past summer we took Oliver on his first camping trip to Bear Lake where we kayaked and camped on the beach. Whatever we’re doing, we love to be together making memories.


We thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We hope you were able to get to know us a little. We try our best to live life to the fullest and to learn and grow each day.

We are passionate about having an open adoption, to the extent that you would want; this could include visits, pictures, and letters. Your child will always know about their adoption story. Your child will know their roots, and you will always be loved and respect!

Our family is our greatest blessing. We love being parents! It is essential, to us, that Oliver and your child know we will always love them, no matter what! We want to raise children to be confident and kind; who believe in themselves and their potential. We try to take a peaceful parenting approach, so our home feels safe and secure.

When it comes to race and multiculturalism, we have done countless hours of research on race, racial issues, and transracial adoption. We will continue to learn, to make sure we can be the best parents we can be for our children.

Our hearts are with you at this time. We hope you can feel our love and appreciation for you. Now that you know about us, we would love to get to know you!


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