Louis & Joshua

Although our lives have had many plot twists, one thing has always been certain, we have always wanted a family of our own. We are Josh and Louis, and here is a little of our story!

We moved to Utah a little over three years ago with the intention of moving out of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles to a family oriented atmosphere where our future children could blossom. Seeing as how we are both very active adults, what better place to call home, than a state that offers it all? Camping – check, hiking – check, skiing, water sports, dance – check , check, CHECK! All things we plan to offer as future parents to the kids we finally call “ours”.

Josh was raised in a large family, including six siblings, one of which -his twin- has special needs. As a gay man, he was apprehensive in his youth of ever being able to have a family of his own. At one time he had even made peace with the fact that although his sexuality was a part of him he could not change, it may come with unique challenges like never being able to legally marry, procreate, and never know his very own “forever family”. Well, it’s 2019 and things have changed since he was little! He married the man of his dreams, bought a home with that man, and they have completed the requirements to adopt! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Louis, an only child on the other hand, has been driven his entire life to achieve whatever goal he has set out to obtain. As a consecutive three-time World Latin Dance Champion, one might think he had all he ever wanted. Not even close! He went on to become an Emmy-nominated Choreographer after being a series regular on ten seasons of Dancing with the Stars in Hollywood. He, with Josh, now owns and operates his own dance fitness brand, changing the lives of thousands of instructors and students worldwide through the power of dance. Despite all of the accomplishments, his true accomplishment will be to create and foster a family with his beloved spouse and children who call him dad. Success in the world is often sought but the love of a family at home is as necessary as the air we breathe.

We have been heavily involved in volunteer work for the Special Olympics (Intellectual disabilities). Louis, as the dance ambassador for the Special Olympics, has judged three World Games now. Josh, volunteers for the dance sector of the Special Olympics behind the scenes and looks forward to this year’s games in Abu Dhabi. This contributes to the world experience of interacting, coaching, and sometimes even parenting children and young adults of all ages and all abilities. Louis’ extensive experience in dance theory, and human behavior studies have come in handy, and will continue to be something we rely on as we navigate parenthood for ourselves.

So why adoption? Well despite the obvious complications of being a same gender couple, we both feel strongly to provide a home for the children in need. Although surrogacy is an option for us, we share the opinion that adoption is one of the most selfless acts one can undertake. There was never another plan, adoption it is! We have both been blessed to know how a “chosen family” can enrich our lives with a large group of extended family members we just can’t wait to share with our forever kids. It’s our turn to extend the same meaningful relationship to the little hearts who need it most! We hope you will consider us as a great fit for your child in need and look forward to hearing from you.


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