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Let me introduce you to a social butterfly, Ryker!


Age 16 / Grade 9

Hobbies and Interests: Football, video games, bike riding

Let me introduce you to a social butterfly, Ryker! Filled with optimism and love, this outgoing and considerate boy befriends underdogs and is well-liked by his peers. Kind and trusting of trustworthy people, Ryker is also able to build significant relationships with adults. Having aspirations of becoming an NFL player, this football enthusiast enjoys throwing around a ball. You can also catch Ryker riding his bike in his spare time or playing video games, especially if they have an Army theme.

A food-lover to the core, this ninth grader enjoys a wide variety of cuisines but chicken alfredo is one of his facorite meals.

Ryker would do best in a family in which he is the youngest in the home. If your family can provide the love, consistency, and support that he deserves, you are urged to inquire. Ryker is open to all family types but prefers a household that is not religious. Ryker will need to remain in contact with his siblings and extended family members following placement. Due to these connections a home in UTAH is preferred. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

Learn more about Ryker here.

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