Jesse & Amber

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: College Degree
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: College Degree

Hi, we are Jesse and Amber. We truly appreciate you taking time to learn more about us. We hope that through this profile you’ll be able to see just how much love our family has to share with another child!

We have seven wonderful children! However, only six of them are living. Our 5th baby, a little girl, passed away just a few days after her birth due to a heart malformation. Due to difficulties and complications that Amber experiences in pregnancy, and with much thought, we feel that adoption is the path for our family. We look forward to welcoming a baby boy into our hearts and home, and feel such peace in him coming to our family through a birth mother. We also look forward to the realtionship that we may develop with his birth family.

Fun Facts About Jesse and Amber

  • We met in college and only dated seven months before we were married. It’s been the best decision we’ve ever made!
  • Both of us are the oldest child in our family with only brothers for siblings. We are both left-handed and both of us have birthdays in July just two days apart.
  • Jesse served a mission for our church in Madrid, Spain and he knows how to speak Spanish.
  • Amber worked in group homes for people with disablities all through college and she knows sign language.
  • Jesse has worked as a Financial Advisor for our entire marriage.
  • Amber was an elementary teacher for a short time until the arrival of our first baby.
  • Jesse’s favorite hobbies include: Playing basketball three mornings a week with several guys from our neighborhood. He’s been doing this for years. He also loves to take on a home improvement project and he’s pretty good at it too.
  • Amber’s favorite hobbies include: cooking, trying out new reciepes and tweaking them to make them even better. She also likes to decorate for the holidays all throughout the year and make fun holiday food to share with family and friends.
  • Our favorite thing to do as a couple is to go out together on a date. We feel fortunate to be able to make date night happen weekly.

Thank you seems like such a small phrase to try to express our gratitude for the choice you are making to do what you feel is in the best interest of your baby. We can’t imagine what it must be like to be on the other end of the proess and we admire you for your courage! We are looking forward to raising another son and giving him all the love we have in our hearts to give. We also look forward to having his birth family become part of our lives to whatever degree you feel most comfortable with. The desire of our hearts is to have an open adoption where the little boy we adopt will know who he came from. We plan to make adoption a natural part of his life. We also want you to know that we want to respect you, and together we hope that we can develop a relationship that is comfortable for all of us. Even though we don’t know who you are, we already have feelings of respect, love, and gratitude for you. We hope that as we come to know one another better these feelings will just deepen and we look forward to this. Once again, THANK YOU! We are already praying for you to have the courage you will need to listen to your heart. We look forward to meeting you and discovering what goodness and love you have to share.


What Amber Has to Say About Jesse

One of the first things that attracted me to Jesse is he has such a kind demeanor about him. People wherever we go really like Jesse and they trust him too. Jesse is always looking out for my needs, the needs of our kids, and simply the needs of those he’s with. Jesse is also generous and will be the first to step forward to help someone in any way he can. Another great quality of Jesse’s is he’s funny. He knows how to really lighten the mood with humor and uses this skill all the time to help ease tense moments at home. Jesse knows how to say sorry. You have to be quick to be the first one to say sorry if you’ve had a disagreement with him. He also knows how to say, “I love you” and he says it often. I’ve never doubted his love for me. Our kids simply adore Jesse and so do I! He’s always willing to play with the kids and he does so each and every day. They are all excited when he gets home from work. As soon as they hear that he’s home they all start looking for him. His happiness is my happiness and I can really feel this in the way he treats me. Jesse’s not too bad at fixing things either. He’s actually a pretty handy guy. Jesse takes his role as provider for our family seriously. We never have to want for our physical needs to be met, because he’s so good at what he does in his profession. He does this while keeping in balance his role as husband and father. We never feel slighted in his attention, care, and love for us.


The Truth About Amber According to Jesse

One of my memories that stands out about Amber happened while we were dating. On my birthday she showed up at my house with a dessert that she baked herself. She had spent the time and effort and then brought it to me early that morning before I left for work. Amber has always been one to look for ways to serve someone and make someone happier. Many years later she spends her day serving our kids and me. It makes me so happy to see our older children behaving like their mother in similar ways. This brings me true happiness.

Amber is the one I go to for counsel, ideas, and comfort. She thinks things through, ponders, and always tries to make the right decision. Our decision to adopt is a perfect example of this. I remember a time some years ago when we were struggling to get by when the economy slowed down dramatically. We didn’t argue about finances or the other struggles and stresses that come in that environment. Instead we clung to one another for support and Amber was a wonderful companion during those tough times.

One thing among many that stand out is the way Amber mothers our children. She’s been a stay-at-home mom since our first baby with her highest priority of raising our children to be honest, productive, faithful, and good citizens. She reads books with the kids, plays games, goes on walks, and of course is feeding them all the time. After all this, Amber has always deeply valued spending time with me. She loves to connect and keep all of us close as a family.


What do we have to offer as an adoptive couple?


When we were young parents expecting our second baby, we must admit we worried a little about how we could possibly love our second baby the same way we loved our first. We soon discovered that our hearts grew and we had no problem or worry at all in loving our second child every bit as much as we loved our first. Seven kids later, we have no question that we will be able to give your baby all the love our hearts have to give. Being the baby of a large family, your little boy will literally get smothered with love.

We already hold a place for love in our hearts for you as his birth mom. We look forward to seeing how that love will grow and develop in all of us including the little boy we adopt.


Our top priority is to be the best parents we can be. It’s not always easy, but with years of experience behind us we have learned some pretty good tips and tricks of the trade. One big thing we’ve learned is how to listen. LOVE can also be spelled LISTEN and we do a lot of both. We feel that our kids are so blessed to have one another. They truly are each others best friends. There is always someone around for them to play with, joke with, or chat with. Learning all about give and take and getting along with others is another benefit your baby will have in joining our family. Everyone in our family has a different personality and yet we all still love to be together. We have no question that the baby we adopt will fit in no matter his likes, dislikes, disposition, etc.

Our extended family is also a big part of our life. Amber’s dad and mom live just three doors up from us. Jesse’s dad and mom live just a short drive away. Our kids’ grandparents are there to support our kids in all their activites and most importantly give them tons of love. Amber’s grandma, her four brothers and their families, Jesse’s two bothers and their families all live within a 25 minute drive from our house. We get together as famlies often and share many fun traditions together.


A promise of happiness may seem like a tall order, but we have learned how to make it happen in our home. We know HARD, and we’ve learned that we can do hard things. Despite the daily challenges that life brings, we have learned to embrace the good and cherish the happy times in the moment. Your baby will get to be raised in a home with parents who truly do find joy in our journey of parenthood. He will get to see and feel of the love that we have for each of our children and of the love that we have as husband and wife for each other. We deeply love one another and the security that living in a home with parents who care for each other and treat one another with love and respect will bring happiness to him.


What We Love About Our Home

We live in a beautiful mature neighborhood nestled against the mountains. We have lived in our neighborhood for eleven years and hope to stay right where we are until our knees are too old to hike the stairs. Probably one of the best parts about where we live is Amber’s parents live just three doors up!

Our home is spacious, allowing us the room we need to be comfortable as a large family. The part we spend the most time in as a family is our large family room and kitchen area. Each night we eat dinner together at the kitchen table and talk about our day. We enjoy having family and friends over to our home and try to do so often.

We love our big fenced-in backyard! Often times while Amber is cooking dinner you can find Jesse out back with the kids playing ball of some kind or another. We have a playhouse and a swingset both of which Jesse designed and built himself with some help from the kids of course. Each summer we plant a pumpkin patch. All of us have fun watching our pumpkins grow in time for Halloween.

Another great thing about our home is our little dog Mickey, a Shih Tzu/Poodle (Shia-poo). He is a delightful little dog who just loves anyone who will give him attention. We have no question that Mickey, right along with the rest of us, will accept the baby we adopt.



Katelyn our oldest is always looking for ways to serve others. If a friend has had a hard day she will cheer them up with cookies. If a neighbor needs someone to watch their kids or take care of their pets, she’s happy to help out. Katelyn loves to have a lot going on. To feed this need she is on the high school tennis and track teams, is a member of the National Honors Society, plays the piano beautifully, and gets straight A’s on her report card. She also has a wonderful group of friends that we never mind having over. Katelyn is a marvelous example to her younger siblings, because she truly desires to do good in life.


Natalie, or Ellie, as we call her has a great sense of humor and she often gets our family laughing with her quick wit. Another great quality of Ellie’s is her ability to cook; we love her tasty treats and snacks. Ellie is an avid book reader and a great student. She plays the violin and it is a treat to hear her play it. Ellie is one of those people you just enjoy being around. She always has great stories to share. When she sees that one of her siblings or friends is feeling sad, Ellie does what she can to try to cheer them up. She too sets a marvelous example for her siblings, because she’s always been an obedient girl and one who is willing to help out.


Joe has a smile that everyone adores and a positive personality to match it. Joe can never get enough of playing basketball, watching basketball, or sharing basketball stats with us. He also plays baseball and loves to play catch with his dad and siblings in the backyard. He is also your typical boy in that he loves to play video games. He’s always sure to make time to practice the saxophone though and he too is a good student. Joe is a great big brother, because he takes interest in his siblings and is always happy to play with them.


Olivia is the little mother of the family. She adores her younger siblings. Olivia has a special way of getting them to follow her everywhere and when one of them is unhappy, she can almost always find the trick to get them to stop crying. Olivia also loves dancing and tumbling and enjoys choreographing her own dances. She is a pretty tech-savvy little gal who knows how to think and dream big. Olivia has a tender heart and is truly an outstanding sister.


Bailey is our little angel in heaven. She passed away four days after her birth due to a heart malformation. We can only imagine what great things she must be doing in heaven.


Everyone loves Ben, because he’s such a good spirited kid to be around. He loves to play ball with is dad and brother and will keep track of the score of any basketball game we watch on T.V. He’s a natural athlete and has no problem keeping up with his siblings when they play sports together. Ben loves to work and is actually a help when it comes to tasks like shoveling the walks, pulling weeds, helping his mom in the kitchen or just about any other task he puts his mind to. Ben simply enjoys being with his siblings and is a good companion for all of us.


Camryn might be our youngest, but she has a strong independent personality. Camryn communicates her needs very well and fits right in with all of her siblings. She is constantly making us smile with the adorable things she does. Camryn loves babies! Wherever we go she spots the babies and will go up to them for a closer look and even a hug if they’ll let her. Camryn loves to read books and sing. She helps us appreciate the little things in life. Camryn will delight in becoming a big sister.


We spend a lot of time together as a family. We’ve learned how to make famliy time work for all of us from the youngest to the oldest. Having a large family gives us plenty of opportunity to learn how to get along with others. With so many different personalities in our home we have no question that the little boy we adopt will fit right in.

Our Top 10 Favorite Family Activities

  1. Playing out in our backyard together.
  2. Walking down three doors to visit Amber’s parents.
  3. Having Sunday dinner at our cabin with Jesse’s parents and his brother’s family.
  4. Making a treat, playing board games, or watching a show together on the weekends.
  5. Hiking in one of Utah’s many National or State parks.
  6. Picnicking in the nearby mountians or at the park.
  7. Attending Utah Jazz basketball games or watching them play on T.V.
  8. Playing out in the snow, going skiing, or sledding.
  9. Singing together and having dance parties.
  10. Playing at the beach together.

We are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and each Sunday we attend church together. Raising our children in a home where they are taught about God’s love for them, to love God themselves, and to love and serve others is a top priority for us.


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