Is Adoption Still an Option for Me? A Birth Mom with Alcoholism


When making the decision about whether or not to give your child up for adoption, many questions may arise that need answers. For some women, that question could be “I am an alcoholic, is adoption still an option?” The answer to this is yes. Yes, adoption is still an option even if you currently are or have a history of heavy alcohol usage.

There are families all across the United States who would be more than happy to parent a child regardless of any history or condition that child may potentially have. Finding a loving family who will care for your child regardless will not be difficult. In working with Forever Bound Adoption, we would want you to be meeting with your doctor regarding the alcohol usage and possibly with other various personnel to assist you in ensuring no harm comes to your baby, and in ensuring the healthiest delivery for both you and your baby.

In making the decision for adoption, we ask that you be open and honest about your usage so that both the agency and the potential birth families can do their best in preparing for the birth of this child. Do not feel like you do not have options. This addiction will not stop you from being able to choose an adoption path.

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