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Get to Know More About the Hilarious Alexis!


Age 17 / Grade 11

Hobbies and Interests: Sports, arts & crafts, outdoor activities.

Get to know more about the hilarious Alexis! She loves to be involved in activities and lists soccer and volleyball as her top interests. Taki’s and a cookies n creme Hershey bar are her favorite treats to indulge in. Mint green is Alexis’s best-loved hue. She thrives with adult females and is a strong advocate for herself.

She is now in the eleventh grade.

Alexis would do best in a family with a mom and a dad, two moms, or a single mom, in which she can be the only child in the home. She will need to remain in contact with her aunt and grandmother following placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

Learn more about Alexis here.

For families outside of Utah, only those families who have a completed home study are encouraged to inquire.

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