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EDUCATION: College Degree


EDUCATION: College Degree


Hello! We are Erik and Kami. Thanks for taking some time to learn more about us.

We first met at a BBQ and only talked for a minute or two, but Erik was “smooth enough and lucky enough” to get Kami’s phone number. On our first date, we had a blast carving pumpkins, eating ice cream and watching a movie; which included the typical awkward “inching” to get closer to each other. However, the inching paid off, and we quickly became inseparable. We were married nine months later in 2008, which will forever be one of the best days of our lives. We are best friends and are constantly laughing and joking together.

Over the course of our marriage, we have struggled with infertility and have undergone multiple IUI and IVF cycles, one resulting in a pregnancy with twins; but sadly ended in miscarriage. The day we found out we were pregnant will always be dear to our hearts and though it was excruciating at times, we have grown and become better people through the challenges. Adopting our daughter Ivy has been one of the biggest blessings and best experiences of our lives. We’re thrilled to be begin this wonderful journey again to bring another precious child into our loving family!


Dear friend, we want you to know how incredibly special you are. In our eyes, you truly are a hero! Through your sacrifice and selflessness, you are able to give us a gift we cannot give ourselves, a gift for which we would be eternally grateful. Most importantly, you are giving the greatest gift of all, the gift of life to a child.

We are so excited to be a part of the miracle of adoption, to be able to bring a child into our home and experience the joy, love, and excitement that comes from raising a child. We want to be your friends and provide any support we can offer, and we would like you to become a part of our family, in whatever way you are most comfortable.

We admire your courage and strength, and we are already praying for you and hope the best for you in the decisions you make. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We cannot wait to meet you!


Erik grew up in a big family, in Salt Lake City, UT. From a young age, he has always been interested in music and played the piano and French horn as a child. As he grew older what really excited him was the drums. To this day, he still loves to “jam” out on the drums and cannot wait to teach his kids how to play. Ivy loves playing on the drums with her dad!

For the last eleven years, Erik has worked for a major investment firm. Throughout his career, he has been able to maintain a really great work/life balance. His biggest goal in life is to be able to provide a fun and exciting lifestyle for his family.

My most favorite thing in this world was seeing Erik become a daddy. He truly is the most loving, caring and friendly person that I have ever met. He looks forward to coming home from work, tossing some burgers on the grill and playing a yard game with our family. As soon as our daughter hears her daddy pull into the garage, she runs to the door to jump in his arms! They have the cutest bond. I absolutely love hearing them play and giggle together, it melts my heart everytime! He is definitely one of those dads that go on every ride at the theme park, every slide at the playground, and spends hours playing in the toy section at the store.


Kami grew up on a farm in a small town near Logan, UT. She had a fun childhood and her family was really close. They participated in many sporting activities and worked hard together on the farm. After high school, Kami went to college at Utah State University.

The first thing you should know about Kami is that she loves children, before adopting our daughter, our nieces and nephews were some of her favorite people in the world and she always showed so much interest in them. Ever since she was young, she has wanted to be a mom. From the life changing moment of bringing our daughter Ivy home, I’ve watched Kami blissfully cherish every second of being a Mom. One thing I love watching is Kami and Ivy reading together. Ivy brings book after book to Kami and sits on her lap while Kami lovingly reads the stories to her. They do this multiple times, every single day. I love seeing how attentive and caring of a mom Kami is, she is so engaged in being the best mom possible for Ivy and I just love that. She takes her role as mom so seriously and passionately, it’s her whole life and she won’t let anything get in the way of giving Ivy and our future kids the best family life imagineable.

Have I mentioned that Kami is an incredible baker? Seriously, she makes the best cookies I have ever had! Every weekend, there is some kind of dessert that she has whipped up sitting on the counter, waiting to be enjoyed.

When it comes to having fun, Kami is always thinking up exciting activities to do together. From picnicking by the lake, to visiting a new festival or simply checking out a new food truck, she always finds something fun for our family to do. She is so excited to continue doing these fun activities with another child and creating great memories with our little family!


Ivy was born October 17, 2017 and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. Adopting Ivy has been hands down the best thing and biggest blessing that has happened to our family. Having her in our home has been the most magical thing we have ever experienced! Her sweet little face and personality melts our hearts.

Ivy is full of energy and has so much personality. She’s always on the go and exploring new found talents. There is always a smile on her face and is always doing something to make you laugh. She’s hilarious! She loves to tease and has a great sense of humor. Ivy loves figuring things out and gets the biggest, proudest smile on her face when she does. Ivy’s top favorite things are: playing hide and seek, reading books (she could read all day long!), and swinging at the park.

This last year we took Ivy to the Ocean. She loved holding our hands while walking into the shallow part of the water. She would laugh every time the waves came. She loved playing in the sand and building sandcastles. We can’t wait for Ivy to become best friends with a sister or brother and to share these memories with! She is going to be such a wonderful, caring, kind big sister!


Our home is a place of love, kindness, and fun. We built our home in 2014 and have completely fallen in love with it. We live in a great cul-de-sac with friendly families, and there are always kids out playing and riding bikes. Our home has plenty of space inside and outside, with a large back yard full of green grass for playing.

Our favorite weekly tradition is cooking breakfast together on Saturday mornings. After that, we usually find an activity to do together, like hiking to a waterfall, paddle boarding, or just taking a ride on the local bike trail. In the evenings, we like to relax together by having a nice meal, and playing a board game or watching a movie together (complete with ice cream or Kami’s cookies).

We absolutely love holidays and are always thinking of fun traditions for each one. For example, this past year the “Easter Bunny” strung yarn through the whole house, and we had to follow it to find our Easter baskets. These are “normal” holiday occurrences at our house and we look forward to sharing them with another child.


We are blessed with very loving, supportive families who have given us strength and are ecstatic to go through the miracle of adoption with us again. They cannot wait to welcome another beautiful child into the family!

We both are the middle of five kids, and it has always been a lot of fun. We are lucky to live close to our families, and we use pretty much any event as an excuse to get together.

Our favorite things to do with family:

1. Go to football games

2. Take trips to the lake and go swimming

3. Family game nights

4. Snow tubing in the winter

5. Family vacations (recent examples are Hawaii, Disneyland, Oregon, Colorado)

Our favorite people to hang out with are our families and there is never a dull moment with all of our adorable nieces and nephews. Our siblings have young families and we are regularly getting new nieces and nephews. We’re excited that our children will have plenty of cousins to be their best friends.


We love to travel, find new adventures and explore new places to eat. We like playing in the water and have lots of great memories of it; like going to the swimming pool mulitiple times a week, body boarding and jumping waves at the ocean, jet skiing, and paddle boarding at the local lake.

Every winter we like to take a trip somewhere where the sun is shining, and we have lots of fun memories from our travels together. Whether its driving a golf cart around Isla Mujeres, parasailing in Florida, or hot air ballooning in Phoenix, we always manage to have a great time.

Our vacations always include a lot of hiking, bike riding and unlimited amounts of ice cream. We love watching Ivy experience things for the first time so we are always looking for new things to do. We look forward to taking another child hiking and camping, and watching their face light up when they experience those same things!


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