Douglas & Makenzie

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: Some College
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: College Degree

Hey! We are excited to tell you a little about us and our story, thanks for reading!

We agree with the quote, “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” We jokingly tell people that we have an arranged marriage because we met through Doug’s dad. He was Makenzie’s boss, and from the first day, they would always joke about how she was going to marry Doug. When we met it was not something you’d see in the movies; instead, it was super awkward! Luckily time was good to us, and when we reconnected two years later, we immediately clicked. We got married six months later in a Utah temple in May of 2015 and have loved every minute together.

We tried to have children shortly after marriage and were unsuccessful. After meeting with fertility specialists, we decided it was time to look at different options for welcoming a child into our home. Both of our thoughts turned toward adoption. We feel strongly that we are meant to adopt right now and are so excited for the opportunity.


Doug is loving, fun, protective, responsible, kind, loyal, and he cares so much for his family. We both think we’re hilarious, but he is! He is always making me laugh. His weird quirks make him even more endearing, such as wearing ugly ties and funny t-shirts.

He chose to become a law enforcement officer because he wants to make a difference in our community. I love that he looks at the bigger picture and extends his talents toward helping others and keeping us and our community safe.

Doug loves our nephews and niece! He enjoys playing video games and wrestling with them. He likes to give them messy candy and noisy toys; he is the ultimate fun uncle. Doug is so sweet with babies. I look forward to watching him care for and play with a child soon. I know that he is going to be a phenomenal daddy!


Makenzie is my best friend. She is very kind, understanding, and supportive. Every day I’m with her is a day filled with laughter and love. We make each other smile, and I have never questioned her love for me. She is committed to everything she does. Once she gets started on something, she’s like a dog with a bone; she keeps at it till it’s done.

We started dating after she returned home from her church mission in the southern states. After our first date, I knew she was the girl I was going to marry. She didn’t know it yet, so I had to convince her. Luckily for me, it wasn’t too hard.

Makenzie loves everyone she meets and is loved in return. Daily, at work or home, someone will remind me how lucky I am to have her. Makenzie is very supportive of my career and gives me the strength to do my job. She has always had a special place in her heart for children. I know she’s going to make a great mother and I can’t wait for the opportunity to raise a child with her.


We were fortunate to buy a townhouse in May of 2017. We love going out and doing things together, but we are mostly homebodies. We enjoy the large living room that we utilize to watch movies or invite friends and family over to play games. It’s the perfect center point of our home. We live in a small town but are relatively close to Salt Lake City. We can’t wait to take a child to the city, to see the sights, and learn about the history of our state.

We live in a great neighborhood! During the afternoon and early evening hours, there are always kids running around and having fun on the nearby playground. The summer months are our favorite because we often have friends and family over. We enjoy using the swimming pool that is within walking distance of our home. We are blessed to have both of our parents nearby, which means there will be lots of grandma and grandpa time. They are excited at the opportunity to spoil a grandchild!


We are both blessed to have great families! We spend time with them often. When we are with Doug’s family, we love having a large meal with more food than there are people to eat it. After dinner, we play a variety of card and board games. During these games, the winner isn’t determined by a score, but by who can get the rest of us laughing the hardest. When we get together with Makenzie’s family, we are a little more adventurous. We head off into the great outdoors with ATVs and a UTV that our nephews ride in with an overabundance of snacks. The best part of this, is we get to enjoy each other’s company while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Makenzie’s parents also love having special time with their grandkids including sleepovers, fishing, and going to the movies. We love our niece and nephews! They are all a fun, loving bunch. We can’t wait to introduce them to a child, where they can start building a warm, playful friendship with them.


As we mentioned before we are homebodies, as a result of that we both love to read. Makenzie has a collection of children’s books that she is excited to share. Her favorite is “The Tales of Winnie the Pooh,” which she plans to read over and over again to a child. Doug reads a variety of books, from science fiction to crime thrillers. Doug’s love for reading came from his favorite author Brian Jacques. Doug has collected all of Brian Jacques’ books and is eagerly waiting the day when he can share his passion with a child. We both love Harry Potter, some might say we are overly obsessed with J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece, but we don’t care. One of our favorite family vacations was going to Disneyland and Harry Potter World. We can’t wait to share that experience with a child.

We love the Christmas season! One of our favorite family traditions that we both grew up doing is getting together with family and opening one present on Christmas Eve. That one present is always a pair of matching pajama pants. Doug’s mom loves sewing smaller pj’s for each of her grandkids.


Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile. We cannot imagine how difficult of a decision you are facing right now. Thank you for choosing to give life to your child. Thank you for your courage and strength in deciding to place them for adoption. We would love for you to remain a part of your child’s life through letters, pictures, phone calls, and visits. However, we will support your decision should you want a more closed adoption.

We want you to know that should you choose us, we will love them with all of our hearts and give them hugs, kisses, and snuggles every day. We will teach them right from wrong and to trust in their Savior. We promise to support them in developing their talents and being unique. We promise to be people they can look up to diligently. We will speak highly of you in our home and ensure they know about the great love you have for them in deciding to allow us to raise them.

Whether or not you choose us, we hope for only the best for you, as you are guided to the right place for your child.

With Love,
Doug and Makenzie


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