Daniel & Erin

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: College Degree
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
EDUCATION: College Degree

Hello, we are Erin and Danny! Thank you for granting us the opportunity to open our lives up to you, and to shed some light on who we are and what led us here.

As clichéd as it sounds, we are high school sweethearts. We met at a party of a mutual friend. About a week later, Danny took a surprise to Erin’s house and left it at the front door. It was a bag with puzzle pieces in it that said, “It shouldn’t be a puzzle who wants to take you to prom.” The rest is history. Danny served a two-year mission for our church, and when he came back, we were married in July of 2009.

Adoption has ALWAYS been our “Plan A.” Danny was born extremely premature at 26 ½ weeks, and as a result of complications surrounding his birth, Danny was told he would likely never be able to conceive children on his own. Growing up, Erin always had an unexplainable feeling that she would adopt children. When she learned about Danny’s birth, everything made sense. We know adoption is the path for us.


Danny truly is my best friend. He makes every day brighter with his sense of humor. Danny constantly has me laughing so hard, I start crying. His easy-going personality keeps our relationship light, and he is always able to bring perspective to stressful situations. I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have Danny in my life, by seeing how happy he makes others. Danny is outgoing and accepting and makes friends with everyone he meets.

One of the things I admire most about Danny is how hard of a worker he can be. Danny put himself through college, while working full time, and graduated with a degree in office administration. He now works in insurance auditing. Danny does what it takes to get things done. He is never afraid to sacrifice for the needs of our family and others.

Danny loves playing and following sports, especially the Los Angeles Lakers. What’s funny, to me, is he shares this passion with his grandma, Momsie. Danny will text Momsie, and they will talk about “their team,” it is so cute.

Danny will make a wonderful father. I love watching him interact with children. He is so patient with them and takes a genuine interest in their lives. Danny is always engaged, and kids love being around him.


I know people say, their wife is their better half, but for me it is true! Erin is intelligent, responsible, and organized. Without Erin, who knows where I would be. She keeps us on track, and her drive inspires me to be better and do more. I admire Erin’s empathy and caring nature. Many of our friends and family members turn to her for help and support.

I am very proud of Erin’s hard work—getting a degree in accounting and excelling at her jobs. Her career has not only provided us with a comfortable life but has given Erin a flexible schedule that allows her to work from home.

Erin is creative. She likes to cook, work on DIY projects, and dabbles in photography. One of Erin’s favorite things is music, and she can name almost any song or artist. One of her biggest loves is The Beatles. Erin has told me many times how excited she is to pass on that love to a child. Erin also loves being outdoors on a hike or just walking around the neighborhood.

I have no doubt that Erin will be an incredible mother. She has an innate ability to involve all, so no one feels left out. Her caring nature is something that I admire about her and will bless any child.


We built our dream home together and finished it in the summer of 2018. We loved being able to make our home a reflection of who we are, and to create a space where we can live, laugh, and make memories with those we love. We enjoy curling up on the couch with our cats, Lucy and Penny, to watch a movie or play a board game at the kitchen table.

We could not have planned a better neighborhood. Everywhere you go, you see gorgeous views of the mountains and the valley. There are many younger families with small children, who are out playing, and we have enjoyed getting to know them. There is a large park in the center of the neighborhood. We cannot wait to go on walks to the park with a child.

We honestly have the best of both worlds—easy access to mountain trails for hiking, but only a short drive to go shopping. The city offers many family-oriented events like family movie night in the park. We love the small town feel our neighborhood creates.


We both come from large families, and we love it! Danny is the second youngest in his family of six children. Erin is the youngest of six. Combined we have seven nieces and seven nephews with one more on the way. All of them are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new cousin. With our large families, there is always something going on, and there are always people around for love, support, and good times. Family is such a huge aspect of our lives, and we cannot wait to share our family with a child.

We moved from our hometown in Idaho to Utah for a career opportunity. While the move was difficult, it was more comfortable knowing we were moving to an area where we both have siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephews, extended family, and friends. We feel blessed to have a wide-ranging support system that spans several states. We make it a priority to visit our hometown as much as possible, whether it is a quick weekend trip to celebrate a birthday or a holiday get-together. We love our Idaho and Utah families.


We have a lot of fun over the holidays with friends and family. We cannot wait to share our traditions with a child!

During the spring we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We have Irish roots, and we look for any excuse to make corned beef and cabbage. We enjoy dying eggs for Easter and hiding them for our nieces and nephews.

Our summer traditions start with baseball; Erin’s family loves baseball. Danny’s family has turned the 4th of July into an art form. His extended family puts on a parade in his grandma’s neighborhood with bikes, music, and floats!

Fall is all about college football! We love attending games. Every year for Halloween we dress up for trick-or-treaters while watching old Halloween movies. We split Thanksgiving with our families—what is better than two Thanksgiving dinners?

Christmastime is filled with Erin’s baking. We enjoy getting out the Christmas tree and decorating our home. Every Christmas Eve, we order Chinese food and watch A Christmas Story. Spending time surrounded by those we love is always our favorite holiday tradition.


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We have always dreamed of being parents. We promise to give your child unconditional love, emotional support, security, a good education, opportunities, a healthy lifestyle, happy times, and so much more!

We hope as you make your adoption plan, and consider all your options, that you know that we are on your side whatever you decide. We will support you, regardless of the level of openness you choose. We will make sure your child knows of the sacrifice you made for them, and how special you are to us. Words cannot express our gratitude. We wish you peace and comfort as you make your decision.


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